Car Interior Protection - Berwick, Pakenham

Protect your car’s interior with a car interior protection service from Pride Detailing.

We use the very best of products and professionally treat the interior of your car so it is protected against the elements and those every day accidents that can occur.

  • Carpet - protected from shoe polish stains, dirt, grease, oil and damp.
  • Seats - protected from food and drink stains, alcohol, cosmetic spills, as well as children and animal accidents.
  • Upholstery - protected from stains, cracking and splitting.

Whether your car interior has leather and vinyl or fabric, we can protect it against stains, splitting, cracking and damage from the elements.

Car Interior Protection Berwick, Pakenham

Protect your car’s interior as well as the car occupants with a full car window tint. Pride Detailing have been servicing the local communities of Berwick and Pakenham for over 15 years and are specialists in car detailing as well as auto window tinting. Ask us today about colours and prices.

Why car interior protection with Pride Detailing?

At Pride Detailing, we understand that your car is an asset and should be preserved as best as possible to retain its value. We have been operating in the Berwick and Pakenham area for over 15 years, and are experts on car detailing, car washing, wax and polish, car exterior protection and car interior protection. Affordable packages are available for auto detailing.

Other Services

Car detailing, car wash, wax and polish, car window tinting, car interior protection. Available in Berwick, Pakenham, Dandenong, Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Contact us to book in for car interior protection today!.